Our conference offers expanded training in a mystical understanding of birth, death and the journey of the soul, though in-depth experiential workshops on conscious dying, conscious grieving, after-death communication and out-of-body exploration. 

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Scenes from our 2015 conference

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The 2015 conference in Norfolk, VA concluded on June 7,
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DR. LINDA BACKMAN, a licensed psychologist and regression therapist, is the author of Bringing Your Soul to Light and The Evolving Soul. Her books are endorsed by Drs. Norm Shealy, Hank Wesselman and Larry Dossey. Linda offers regression and soul counseling, and also trains others in soul regression hypnotherapy. Click here for a video of Linda explaining past life regression.

SIMCHA RAPHAEL, Ph.Dis a rabbinic pastor, transpersonal psychotherapist and founder of the DA'AT INSTITUTE. which offers death awareness, advocacy and training from the persepctive of Jewish mysticism.  He will be speaking abot Jewish views of the afterlife and will be a guest on our "Heaven: A History" panel.

PETER WOODBURY trained in hypnotherapy and past-life regression with Dr. Brian Weiss, and is a teacher of the Edgar Cayce readings. He is a frequent presenter at A.R.E. and leads A.R.E. tours to South America, India, and Egypt. His presentation will address Trauma, Loss and The Deeper Understanding of Karma. 

ANNIE KAGAN Skype Interview - The author of the best-selling Afterlife of Billy Fingers will be joining us for a special question-and-answer session via SKYPE. She'll talk about the remarkable conversations she had with her brother Billy on the Other Side, and will answer audience questions about Billy's messages. 

JEFFREY MARKS  is an evidential medium and author of The Afterlife Interviews, in which he  analyzed a series of questions recorded in his mediumship sessions which produced consistent answers from those in spirit about life on the Other Side. Jeffrey will share his research, and will also be offering private and small-group readings for attendees.  

JAN ENGLELS-SMITH is a shamanic practitioner, psychotherapist and Usui,Tibetan and Karuna Reiki Master. She will guide attendees through a "pushing over" ceremony to make contact with and assist the souls of those who have transitioned via suicide.   

REV. TERRI DANIEL s a hospice and hospital-trained chaplain, an author and an intuitive counselor who offers a unique perspective on birth, death and the journey of the soul. Her engaging form of "radical mysticism" breaks down limiting beliefs about death, grief and forgiveness. She is also the founder of the Afterlife Conference. Click  HERE to hear what Terri has to say about the afterlife.

 2015 Presenters

WILLIAM BUHLMAN's workshops at the Monroe Institutehave guided hundreds in the process of out-of-body experience using techniques designed for controlled journeying. In his special pre-conference workshopWilliam will guide attendees through specific steps to help them experience their own out-of-body journeys. Click HERE to learn how to have an out-of-body journey.

DR. ERICA HYATT has done extensive research on adolescent sibling bereavement, pediatric end of life decision-making, and the intersection of spirituality and psychology. Her presentation will focus on children's perceptions of death and the world beyond.

John Holland's amazing mediumship demonstrations provide audiences with a rare opportunity to receive messages from their loved ones on The Other Side, and we are honored that John will offer not only audience readings during his keynote on Saturday night, but also a special pre-conference workshop. In addition, John will be our guest of honor at an exclusive private reception on opening night. Click HERE for details on all of John's events at the conference.

SUZANE NORTHROP's audience readings have earned her the title of "medium-in-residence" for our last three conferences. Noted TV medium John Edward calls her "a gifted medium  who unites souls between the physical and the non-physical with clarity, compassion, humor and tenacity." Click  HERE to see Suzane in action!  

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JEFFERY BLACK, MD, MDivis a psychiatrist who trained in energy medicine with native healers from South America. He will be speaking on Mysticism and Ritual in a Clinical Practice,  and will focus on ways that clinicians can  create meaningful spiritual experiences for clients from any tradition.

Anita Moorjani's best-selling book, Dying to be Me, chronicles her experience in another dimension during an NDE, which resulted in a new understanding of life and death. In Anita's words, "I understood that heaven is a state, not a place." Her presentation will address how to stay connected to that state while living in the physical world, and how to use this advanced understanding to help ourselves and others. 

KAREN WYATT, MD-  Karen's work is devoted to integrating spirituality and the practice of traditional medicine, with a specific focus on death and dying. She is the author of What Really Matters: 7 Lessons for Living from the Stories of the Dying, and A Matter of Life and Death: Stories to Heal Loss & Grief.

JEFFREY OLSEN -  After a devastating auto accident crippled Olsen and took half of his family, Jeff draws from the answers provided in his own NDE to help the bereaved find meaning, transformation and gratitude through their loss experiences. Listen to Jeff talk about his NDE  HERE. 

GARY R. BEAVER, MA, LP, is a licensed psychologist who is a certified Induced After-Death Communication (IADC) trainer. IADC is a radical new treatment for healing grief and trauma, and has helped thousands to connect with their loved ones on the Other Side as part of the healing process. 

HOLLISTER RAND is a nationally-acclaimed psychic medium and author of I'm Not Dead, I'm Different. She has appeared on SiriusXM’s “The Seance” with John Edward, “Coast to Coast” with George Noory, KOST FM’s “Angels in Waiting,” KBIG FM’s “Radio Medium. Her readings at last year's conference astonished everybody, and we're delighted to welcome her back in 2015!  

LINDA FITCH is a practicing shaman who has trained hundreds of students in mystical healing techniques, with a special emphasis on conscious dying. ​ She will be teaching a workshop on "Visiting the Afterlife: Shamanic Practices and Rituals"

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The Afterlife Conference blurs the boundaries between between intuitive experience and scientific research, and between religious traditions and a spirituality of oneness to increase awareness of life beyond the physical body.

We unite the disciplines in furthering an understanding of the survival of consciousness after death, bringing together hospice nurses, social workers, physicians, mediums, clergy, counselors and alternative healers with a common goal... to offer a deeper understanding of death and beyond.