Endorsed by two of the world's leading figures in afterlife studies!

The Living and Dying Consciously Project

​Medium John Holland

Sound Healing
with Linda Fitch and Pati Pellerito

Exploring the Science and Spirit of Death and Beyond

"I love the personable nature of this conference. It's really a good size, and the people here, in many ways, just flat-out get it."

Dr. Eben Alexander, neurosurgeon
and best-selling author of "Proof of Heaven.

“I’ve been to many conferences that address life after death, but this one is a rarity because it approaches the subject from three different vantage points -- spirituality, bereavement and scientific investigation. It is inspiring to see how these different perspectives lead to the same place… an awareness of the survival of consciousness after death. The bereaved find peace and healing. The spiritual seekers find validation for their mystical experiences. And the scientific researchers find an eager audience for their work. This conference brings it all together.”

Dr. Raymond Moody, best-selling author of "Life After Life,"

 the world's leading researcher on near-death experience



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The information shared in our presentations is for educational purposes only, based on the personal experiences and research of the presenters.It is not intended to serve as a substitute for grief counseling or any other form of therapy. 


Dr. Raymond Moody receiving our first annual
Afterlife Awareness Award at our 2015 conference,  
​presented by Dr. Eben Alexander


Bishop John Shelby Spong

 An integrated, multi-disciplined approach to death, grief and afterlife studies


Cardiologist and NDE researcher
Pim Vam Lommel, MD 

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.  Professional development workshops for nurses, social workers, counselors
​and others who work with death
 and grief.

.  Experiential, in-depth, retreat-style workshops

.  Unique content designed for those working in the field,
Metaphysics in Grief Counseling, Conscious Dying in Clinical Settings,
and Ethics for Lightworkers 

.  More inner work through sacred ceremony, interactive group processes
​and mystical journeying 

.  Theological and academic discourse

What You Will Learn at the Afterlife Conference

Our expert teachers and consultants represent ​
​a wide range of disciplines, including:

​• Medical doctors, nurses and academic researchers

• Hospice professionals, grief counselors, therapists, social workers 

• Clergy and religious scholars

• Mediums, s
hamanic practitioners and energy healers

What Makes Our Conference Unique?

​​  We are a think tank environment

•  We blend mainstream disciplines with alternative modalities

•  We provide hands-on experiences, such as ritual and ceremony  

    for working with grief, interactive healing procesess, and direct
    instruction in out-of-body journeying.  

•  Our presenters are accessible, friendly and down-to-earth. They mix  

    and mingle with attendees, sharing meals and socializing.

1. Bereavement: The Next Step
We are constantly discovering new, non-mainstream approaches to grief, such as mystical rituals, innovative training for counselors, multi-cultural practices and alternative theologies/cosmologies related to birth and death. This material is of particular interest to grief counselors, and also to bereaved individuals who are ready to move toward a deeper metaphysical understanding of death, trauma and loss.

2. Academic Study, Theological Discourse and Scientific Research 
Each year we attract more and more academics who are interested in research about the survival of consciousness after death, including after-death communication, near-death experience, out-of-body experience and mediumship. We are also honored to welcome theologians and religious scholars who have much to teach us about afterlife concepts throughout history. 

3. Higher Consciousness in Clinical Settings
Thanks to increasing interest in our conference from medical professionals, we've added a new track to address the many ways to work with spirituality in hospitals, hospices and medical facilities. Presentations in this track address practices and processes for conscious dying, ritual, the healing power of animal companions, clinical chaplaincy, physician education about end-of-life care, and more.

4. Spiritual Exploration and Inter-dimensional communication
Like many conferences in this field, we feature well-known mediums who offer both private readings and on-stage demonstrations that include readings for audience members. But our mediums are also teachers. They don’t just give you a fish and feed you for a day; they teach you to fish and give you skills that last lifetimes. Our mediumship workshops offer instruction in how to communicate with the higher realms of consciousness via psychic development exercises, dream work, meditation, past life regression, channeling and after-death communication tools. Presentations explore questions such as: How do we use our understanding of the soul’s journey to help us cope with loss, grief or upheaval? How do we maintain our connection to Spirit while dealing with the mundane details of physical life? All of our mediums are personally screened and vetted by our board members.

​​The material presented at the Afterlife Conference is organized into the following "interest tracks" that address everything from scientific research on near-death experience and after-death communication ​
​to mystical and psycho-social practices for assisting the dying with their journeys:

​​​​​​​​Where shamans break bread with scientists
to create common ground 

Where mystics, medics, scholars and spiritualists gather ​to share their wisdom

Where sacred ceremonies 
​and inter-dimensional encounters are an everyday affair 

The Afterlife Conference blurs the boundaries between intuitive experience and scientific research, and between religious traditions and a spirituality of oneness to increase awareness of life beyond the physical body.

We unite the disciplines in furthering a deeper understanding of the survival of consciousness after death, bringing together hospice workers, physicians, mediums, clergy, counselors and alternative healers with a common goal... to offer a deeper understanding of death and beyond.  ​​Our presenters are the best and the brightest in the fields of afterlife research, hospice care, near-death experience,  after-death communication and bereavement.   

Our conference offers expanded training in a mystical understanding of birth, death and the journey of the soul, though in-depth experiential workshops on conscious dying, conscious grieving, after-death communication and out-of-body exploration.